About Prominate

Prominate is a global leader in promotional materials and marketing supply chain management, working with top brands to enhance their market presence. Our services include marketing procurement consultancy, promotional merchandise programs, and innovative technology solutions. We emphasize sustainability and creativity, ensuring that our clients achieve their strategic promotional goals. With over 100 offices and 52 distribution centers worldwide, our 2000 specialists deliver tailored, impactful programs that boost brand awareness and loyalty.

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IPPAG (International Partnership for Premiums & Gifts) is a dynamic global network of branded merchandise companies, united by a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation. Established in 1965, IPPAG connects leading wholesalers and distributors of promotional items and corporate gifts from around the world, fostering a collaborative environment for industry changemakers.

At the heart of IPPAG's mission is the drive to transform the promotional merchandise industry into a source of conscious innovation and sustainable growth. Members of the cooperative are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and implementing ethical business practices, ensuring that their operations contribute positively to the environment and society.

IPPAG's network spans over 60 offices worldwide, bringing together more than 20 market-leading companies. This extensive reach allows IPPAG to deliver creative, high-impact promotional solutions that meet the diverse needs of global brands. The cooperative emphasizes the importance of local expertise and insight, enabling faster speed to market and culturally relevant merchandise solutions.

Through their focus on sustainability, IPPAG members are not just participants in the industry but are leaders and innovators driving significant change. By sharing best practices and collaborating on sustainability initiatives, they ensure high standards of quality and service across the network, ultimately promoting a more sustainable future for the promotional merchandise industry.                                  

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