Everyone is looking for human connections. It may be a laugh, a smile, a “thank you”, or a  “congratulations”. Langhoff Promotion believes that this can be achieved through gifts. Not  just of any kind, but gifts which are original, responsible, functional, and relevant. Every year,  new and innovative gift items are introduced by Langhoff Promotion that follow the trends  and let you establish or maintain the connections you target.  

Aside from having a wide array of promotional products, Langhoff Promotion also offers a  “Gift Selection” shop. The shop enables your target group the freedom to choose among few  selected gifts, while you avoid administrative hassle. Who doesn’t like receiving a gift that he/ she really likes, right?  

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Langhoff Promotion’s ability to provide clients with exceptional promotional gifts and giveaways is not limited in the form of textiles, electronics, bags, portfolios, etc. Since 2014, we our company clearly excels when it comes to cinema concessions. As a provider of creative tumblers, popcorn buckets, etc. for two of the premier movie theaters in the Philippines, SM Cinema and Ayala Cinemas, Langhoff Promotion never fails to deliver cute and ingenious movie merchandises that not just promote movies, but also give joy to kids and families.